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Flat Roof Inspections

Does your flat roof need inspected?

Flat roofs are expected to, and usually do, last a very long time. They are designed to last, but are also designed with the expectation they will receive semi-annual or annual inspections and routine maintenance as needed. On the rare occasion a repair is needed, the basic layout of a flat roof demands it be conducted immediately before it causes more problems and more expensive repairs.

In short, yes it does. You should

have your roof inspected at least once a year to make sure it is clear of debris. Debris, such as leaves, trash, and built up dirt can cause water drainage issues! With a flat roof the build up of all of these things will happen over time and this can cause serious problems for your roof. So make sure your roof is clean and clear.

Having your roof inspected can also assure you that there are no issues arising with your system. Catching any issues before they get to he interior of your building can save you thousands! When small issues are found during routine inspections you can have them repaired at a fraction of the cost of real roof and interior damage. You always want to catch problems early!

Who should you have inspect your roof?

Using a roofing professional for your roof's inspection allows you to avoid all sorts of expensive and time-consuming problems. A roofer with a solid reputation will reduce the odds of a failing roof damaging your home or business. They will pinpoint problem areas before they become problems and let you know what your may want to do to reduce the chances of a costly repair or roof replacement in the future.

Having a roofing professional inspect your roof also means not putting yourself into danger. A comprehensive roof inspection cannot be performed from the ground, but climbing onto your home's roof isn't a project to be taken lightly. Don't run the risk of injuring yourself or causing damage to your roof.

Best leave it to the professionals!

Having your roof inspected means discovering potential problems now to prevent major damage down the road. If you need your roof inspected contact Real Roof Contracting for a free inspection. We would love to help you by providing you with a full roof report including suggested repair, suggested maintenance, and an expected life expectancy. 314-885-4858

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