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TPO Roofing

Common Applications:

-Mechanically Fastened

-Fully Adhered


Manufacturing Method:

TPO is formed in sheets made up of popropylene and ethylene propylene polymers which are reinforced with polyester. The process of manufacturing TPO requires no plasticizer or chlorine.

Application Method(s):

TPO is applied in large rolls that vary in both size and thickness. TPO can be fully adhered, mechanically fastened, or ballasted. The seams of the membrane are hot air-welded together to form a very strong waterproof bond between sheets.


- most environmentally friendly single ply system

- Great flexibility even at extremely low temperatures

- Strong puncture resistant material

- Cool roof Energy Star system UV resistant, can lower heating and cooling bills

- Reduces the heat island effect and solar heat gain

- Resistant to chemicals, acid, salt, oil, etc.

- Extremely strong seams

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