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Complete Re-Roofing

Reroofing can be complicated! You need to decide whether to recover or completely tear off the old roof, and whether or not you should go back with a roof matching the original or something completely new. We are ready to deal with the complex issues that may come with reroofing.
Real Roof Contracting will work with you to guide you in the right direction, and we will make sure you are happy with the results. We can tackle even the most complex projects. Call today to discover how we can help.

Brentwood Day Care

S. Brentwood Blvd.

We take pride in all of our projects, big or small. This small recover roof is only 4,000 square feet and only took a couple of days for one of our crews to finish. Completed in August of 2017.

Crestview Apartment Complex

Ameristar Blvd.

We have completely removed the old and installed new architectural shingles on multiple buildings in the Crestview Apartment Complex in St. Charles, MO. The latest building was approximately 12,500 square feet.

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