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Keeping Your Roof Healthy This Fall and Winter

7 Things you should do this fall to ensure your roof remains in good health throughout the next 2 seasons:

1. Start by looking at the roof itself

This sounds obvious, but it is necessary. Look for signs like loose shingles, missing sections of roofing, stains, leaks, warped wood, mold, rot, or anything else that might send up a red flag.

2. Check Flashings

This one is pretty straightforward – secure any loose flashing and replace all that show signs of damage or leakage, paying special attention to areas around chimneys, plumbing vents, and other roof projections.

3. Clean and Inspect the gutters

If you have a lot of trees around your home you may have to clean out the gutters more than once this fall. While your up there cleaning look for early warning signs like holes, cracks, and debris and make whatever repairs need to be made.

4. Replace Caulking

Caulking isn’t supposed to become wrinkled, crinkled or cracked. If you see any of that, replace it before the weather begins to turn.

5. Take care of those over hanging limbs

Trim trees before winter sets in, and while you’re at it, look for any dead trees and get rid of them at the same time. Cleaning them up now will help keep your home and roof protected from costly damage that might result from falling limbs.

6. Inspect and Clean the Chimney

It is important to have your chimney inspected and cleaned at least once a year. Inspections and regular cleanings will help ensure that everything will function as desired, and will also prevent fires.

7. Install Snow Guards

If your in an area receives a lot of snow, you should consider getting snow guards. Snow is extremely heavy, and can come barreling off your roof suddenly and without warning, causing what is known as a roof avalanche. A roof avalanche can cause irreparable damage to lower roof areas, gutters, plumbing vents, skylights, pets, cars, landscaping, and most importantly, people.


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